How We Help

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Many armed forces charities struggle to raise sufficient funding to support serving and former members of the British Armed Forces’ and sometimes their dependants who are in need. The Veterans' Foundation has been created to establish a new and nationwide source of funding to help these charities.  It acquires its funds through the Veterans’ Lottery and donations.

The trustees of the Veterans' Foundation will disburse funds to Armed Forces charities and charitable activities.

The objects of the Veterans' Foundation are as follows:

To assist people who are serving or who have served in the British armed forces, and their dependants, by advancing any lawful charitable purpose at the discretion of the trustees and in particular, but not exclusively, to make grants to other charities who assist serving and former members of the armed forces and their dependants who are in need.

We will support projects that:

  • Reduce homelessness
  • Increase employment
  • Provide welfare and medical support
  • Increase confidence and social integration
  • Reduce dependence on drugs and alcohol
  • Support other charitable activities that may be needed

The Veterans' Foundation has established as simple an application process as sensible to put minimum strain on charities' usually limited staff and this process will be fair, legal and regulated.

An executive team will run the day-to-day activity of the Veterans' Foundation and MCLS Management Ltd will run the fully regulated Veterans’ Lottery.  With the help of the public buying tickets to the Veterans’ Lottery and through making donations, the Veterans’ Foundation has made grants to the following organisations to date (May 17):


Combat Stress 

Dundee Therapy Garden 

Firstlight Trust 

Forward Assist 

High Ground 


Scotty’s Little Soldiers 

36 Degrees North