Give Us Time - grant award April 2018

Making the transition to a civilian life can be a challenge for British Armed Forces personnel and their families.

Give Us Time takes commercially-let accommodation donated by owners of holiday groups, hotels, holiday homes and timeshares, with a view to matching them with military families in need of rest and rehabilitation.

This charity helps service families reconnect to life after deployments and provides them with the chance to spend quality time together in order to reaffirm their family bonds and relationships.

Any serviceman or woman is eligible provided that they have been on tour since 2005.
Families of those personnel who have been discharged through injury or who lost their lives in active operations since 2001, are also eligible.

The Veterans’ Foundation grant will assist to support the morale of the armed forces personnel by giving help to family units and by assisting service families, especially, but not exclusively, those who have suffered loss or injury.

“We would like to thank the Veterans’ Foundation and every player of the Veterans’ Lottery because our grant will help us further enhance the life-changing experiences that we provide,” said Rupert Forrest, Give Us Time Managing Director.

“The holidays give both service personnel and their families valuable time together to just get away, have fun and bond.

“Some of the families that we work with have never been abroad before, or spent any quality time together for a long time. It's a real chance for these incredible people to create memories that last a life-time.”