Launchpad - grant award April 2017

Launchpad has centres is Newcastle and Liverpool and the charity’s aim is to offer affordable rental accommodation for veterans of all ages, and their partners.

Many veterans who find shelter and support at Launchpad have been homeless. Residents of both Launchpad projects have a safe environment to live and seek work.

On average residents stay with the charity for two years and by that time it is hoped they will have prepared for a civilian life.

The Veterans’ Lottery grant has gone towards the upkeep of the Liverpool centre as sustaining the standards of accommodation and the communal facilities helps motivate veterans in need to prepare a plan to live independently and find employment.

Launchpad resident, Lee, said: “I am really lucky to have a lovely flat and I thank the Veterans’ Foundation for providing funds to refurbish and redecorate it. It means I can look forward to the future rather than being miserable and scrape an existence.”