Supporting Wounded Veterans - grant award June 2018

This UK-based charity supports wounded campaign soldiers, including those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The veterans are battling with both physical and mental injuries that have proved life-changing and, in many cases, shattering.

The charity helps veterans rebuild their futures through a unique, specially designed, ski-based development programme and every year Supporting Wounded Veterans (SWV) provides a carefully selected group of medically discharged military personnel with seven days ‘skihabilitation’ in the Swiss resort of Klosters.

This visit enables them to regain their confidence and embark up a new path to fitness and wellbeing.

Once back in the UK, the veterans join a mentoring and job-finding programme that supports them into re-training and employment.

The mentor, who has taken part in the training scheme, may offer help with retraining, career change, setting up in business, or returning to employment. 

The Veterans’ Lottery grant has allowed SWV to spend time working with veterans referred to the charity from other sources. 

It has been a remarkable success and the results have exceeded expectations with 91% of veterans from OTE courses in jobs or training.