British Forces shrink again!

British Army Officer

The size of Britain’s armed forces has shrunk for the ninth year in succession.
The Army, RAF, Royal Navy and Royal Marines all reported reductions in the number of trained personnel.

Figures were confirmed by the Ministry of Defence but officials remain adamant the armed forces continued to meet all operational requirements.

Statistics revealed the Army had 74,440 full time, trained troops (76,880 last year) with smaller reductions in other services.

However, all of the armed forces failed to come close to the government’s recommendations for overall numbers which according to sources read: Army 82,000; RAF 31,840; Royal Navy and Royal Marines 30,600.

The MoD said it had been working hard to bolster recruitment with applications showing an increase, however, those leaving the services is also on the up. This factor has been crucial in causing the deficit.

The job of marketing the armed forces was awarded to Capita with the contract worth £495m, however, the company is yet to hit targets set by the government. The new Army recruitment website is also claimed to be more than four years late in being launched.

News of the shortfall comes after the high profile launch of a controversial ‘snowflake’ army recruitment campaign which targets millennials.