If I die tomorrow who will actually care?

John Ringer in Kosovo

Jon Ringer served in the British Army for 22 years.

But, following tours that included Northern Ireland, Kosovo and the first Gulf War, he left the forces – and saw his life spiral out of control.

Suffering with PTSD, he soon found himself left with the starkest of choices – to take his own life, or to ask for help.

He chose the latter. After making that step – a step he later described as ‘the hardest of my life’ – to contact Bridge for Heroes, he finally found himself on a pathway to recovery.

It was, he admits, a move that was quite literally life-saving.

“When I left (the army), it was a crushing feeling of loneliness. I’d never felt so lonely in my life,” said Jon, who was a WO2.

“I knew that I was getting sicker and sicker, I just didn’t know why, and in the end, I just fell off a cliff face and I just knew I was in crisis, and I only had two thoughts left in my head that made any sense to me.

“(Bridge for Heroes) brought me back from the precipice. They stopped me from ending it, and they’ve put me on a pathway.

“Financially, legally, they found me a house, they found me the contents, and I needed a safe bolthole to go to, and I didn’t have that.”

To see the full interview with Jon, watch the video below: