SAS War Veteran Close to Death Denied Ambulance in Spain

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David Walter West 73, fell out of his bed in Casares Costa after having a major knee operation.

He fell out of bed while recovering from the surgery and cracked his head on the bedframe. He passed out for 12 hours and was in pain and shock.

He called the emergency services but only the police and fire service showed up. They simply put him back in bed.

The SAS veteran and father could not breathe properly and begged to be taken to the hospital. David explained, "My lung capacity was only about 10%, it was just about staying alive."

Who is David Walter West?

David explained: “I’ve done 300 parachute jumps, been blown up twice and shot once. I’ve had medical treated in several countries, but there’s only Libya and Afghanistan that are worse than here.”

Paramedics eventually arrived and David told them he couldn't breathe. They refused to take him to the hospital.

His condition rapidly declined and the paramedics were called 2 more times. His friend begged them to take home to hospital but they continued to refuse.

He was eventually taken to the hospital after his friend contacted the local David is still in the hospital to this day.


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