Silver Spitfire takes off for 27,000 mile flight around the world

Silver Spitfire

Today a lone silver Supermarine Spitfire took off from the UK on a 30 nation, 27,000-mile journey around the world. This will be the first around-the-world flight carried out by a Spitfire. 

What is the Silver Spitfire?

The Spitfire itself is a veteran of over 50 World War Two missions. One of over 20,300 Spitfires were built. It is silver “to celebrate the design and beauty of the aircraft.” There was also a practical reason due to layers of paint adding another 300lb weight to the plane. They were also concerned that it would attract unwanted attention from other nations’ air defence if it was camouflaged in line with its original livery

The Silver Spitfire is #MJ271, uniquely, the Spitfire was flown by pilots from Australia, Canada, Norway, Trinidad and the UK. On May 9th 1944 the Spitfire was involved in a crash landing.

Why is the Silver Spitfire flying around the world?

The Silver Spitfire is due to fly over the world’s most famous landmarks including the Grand Canyon and Mount Fuji. As an enduring symbol of peace and freedom for the UK and the West, the flight’s purpose is to promote the ‘Best of British’ worldwide. This is in conjunction with the government Great Britain Initiative.

One of the defining moments of WWII was the Battle of Britain, a triumphant victory that was in no small part down to the game-changing engineering that created the Spitfire. The cutting edge design of the Spitfire has come to embody the best of British sensibilities, even its silhouette recalls in many a rare passion and pride. Its role in the Battle of Britain has secured the Spitfire’s place in the annuls of history. 

Commonly known as “a pilot’s Everest,” an around-the-world flight is one of the most impressive achievements a pilot can earn. To do it in a Supermarine Spitfire is even more impressive.

We will be reporting on the progress of the Silver Spitfire so check our social media channels to stay in the loop.

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