The Royal Navy comes to the rescue of those stranded by Hurricane Dorian

Picture of the hurricane damage in Bahamas

A Royal Navy helicopter has rescued children and a British Citizen who were trapped under rubble for days after Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas leaving a trail of destruction. 

Crew from RNAS Culdrose at Helston, Royal Marine unit 24 Commando Royal Engineers from RM Chivenor in Devon and soldiers from the British Army's 17 Port & Maritime Regiment RLC are all based on RFA Mount’s Bay in the Caribbean and doing all they can to help in the natural disaster.

Lia Head-Rigby, who helps run a local hurricane relief organisation and flew over the Bahamas' hard-hit Abaco Islands, had previously said: "It's total devastation. It's decimated. Apocalyptic."

What did a Royal Navy spokesperson say? 

A spokesperson from RNAS Culdrose said: "A Royal Navy helicopter crew attached to RFA Mount's Bay has airlifted children in need of medical care after Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: "The Wildcat helicopter, operating from Bay-class auxiliary landing ship dock, was flying over Great Abaco Island to assess damage when its crew were suddenly requested to evacuate a casualty from Elbow Cay.

"The individual was removed from the rubble and brought back to RFA Mounts Bay to be treated by the team of Royal Navy medics on board. They were then provided with emergency medication before being airlifted to the capital, Nassau.


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