British Veteran Stabbed in Bolton

Shady Street in Bolton
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An unnamed 29-year-old veteran has been stabbed in Bolton. The veteran became homeless after years of service with the Duke of Lancaster Regiment.

The attack happened on Saturday at 11.30pm according to Chief Inspector Steph Parker. The veterans' liver has been damaged in the attack and he had to be given major surgery.

A few days ago he was also beaten up and had his possessions stolen including his passport.


Bolton Armed Forces Centre for Veterans have been in contact with the veteran

Bolton Armed Forces Centre for Veterans only made contact with the veteran a week ago. During that time he has already been attacked twice. The centre gave him a food parcel and gave him accommodation in a local hotel. They explained: “We have only just met him and really don’t know anything about him, people who know him, those he served with, will have heard about what has happened because it is a close-knit community and we want them to get in touch.”

Bolton Armed Forces Centre for Veterans have been supporting the man and will continue to help him as he recovers. They are waiting for him to recover from his operation before the police will work with both them and the veteran to find out what has happened and how they can help to look after the veteran. 

If anyone has any information about the incident or think they may know this veteran please get in touch with The Bolton Armed Forces Centre.

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