Expert Royal Navy Clearance Divers Sent to UAE to Inspect Bombed Ships

Royal Navy Clearance divers at work

British mine clearance divers from the elite Fleet Diving Group have been deployed to the UAE to inspect explosion damage and device fragments to determine what devices were used to attack the 2 vessels that had mines fitted to them in June. It is hoped that they will also and shed more light on who may have carried out the attack. The ships have been moored in the UAE so the damage can be inspected. 

If reports are to be believed, The US was close to launching an attack on Iran a matter of days ago due to the attacks. Tensions in the Persian Gulf are running high. It is into this melting pot that the most renowned clearance divers in the world have been sent to protect world shipping. British clearance divers are considered to be the best in the world. 

The ships, Japanese Kokuka Courageous and Norwegian Front Altair were attacked in June. The Front Altair a 111,000-tonne ship, was carrying ethanol from Qatar to Taiwan when it suffered 3 explosions before the crew was safely evacuated. An hour later, the Kokuka Couragous carrying methanol from Saudi Arabia to Singapore, was also attacked - the crew survived.

The US pointed the finger at Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, now the elite Royal Navy experts will investigate the damage to the two ships and give their analysis. They will also be able to relay information on how to best to prevent further attacks based on the equipment the unknown perpetrators used. 

The SBS has already been deployed to the area in an effort to protect ships from further attacks with kill or capture orders should they encounter Iranian forces tasked with attacking vessels.

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