Four rollover winners in 12 months

Caroline from Woodbridge

The Veterans’ Lottery has already broken records this year with four £25,000 jackpot winners since July 2018.

Veterans Lottery winners

Samantha from Westcliff, Graham from Bedford, Caroline from Woodbridge and Simon from Wirral all won a jackpot and claimed their £25,000 winnings. Each month also saw a second prize of £2,000 and 10 3rd place prizes of £100.

From paying off debts, going on a dream holiday or buying a new car, £25,000 is a life-changing amount of money for anyone. The Veterans’ Lottery will carry on breaking records, our supporters will continue to help support the great work being done for our veterans. 

Is the Veterans’ Lottery genuine?

The Veterans’ Lottery not only gives at least 12 of its lottery players money prizes every month, but it also funds important grants for military charities across the UK.

Veterans’ Foundation uses the money raised by our lottery to give grants to military charities who support the UK veterans who need it most. Veterans Foundation has given £2million to 140 military charities, every time we give a grant to a charity - we are helping change the lives of heroes.

How does the Veterans Lottery work

Every quarter, our board of trustees meet and decide together what military charities will receive a grant that quarter. Each charity we help has a unique story that we are proud to be a part of. 

  • Waterloo Uncovered was started by two friends who studied together and joined the Army together. They were even on the same tours of Afghanistan. Mark Evans suffered PTSD from his experiences in Afghanistan, together with his friend Charlie they realised how archaeology can help veterans recover from their experiences. Waterloo Uncovered run archaeological digs at the site of the Battle of Waterloo. Their work helps support veterans during their transition between their military and civilian lives. 
  • The Ripple Pond has received two grants from Veterans' Foundation. The Ripple pond exists to provide support for family members of both serving personnel and veterans. They organise meetups so the relatives of veterans can meet relatives of other servicemen who are also suffering. The grants from Veterans' Foundation has helped to establish a 24/7 helpline that provides support to families of veterans when they most need it. 

Thank you for your support, without your help playing the lottery, leaving a little in your will or donating to Veterans’ Foundation more veterans would be suffering. There are thousands more who need help, share this to spread our message far and wide. 


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