Friends appeal for people to attend funeral of former marine Charles Smith with no immediate family

HMS Stirling Castle

Tomorrow is the Funeral of Former Royal Marine Charles Smith who passed away last week at the age of 93.

Sadly, Charles has no immediate family so people (particularly veterans) are being encouraged to attend his funeral if they are able to. The funeral is set to take place at Wrexham Crematorium on Friday July 5 at 2pm.

Mr Jones a friend of the veteran said on Facebook: “Good morning one and all, this is a call for any Veterans who may be available at 2pm this Friday (5th July) for the funeral of the WW2 Royal Marine Veteran, Charles Samuel Smith, at the Wrexham Crematorium. He has no immediate family and his friends have asked if we can give him a fitting send off.

Who is Charles Smith? 

The following has also been received from a friend of Charles:

“On his 18th birthday Charles received his calling up papers to report to a camp in Lympstone, Devon. After twelve weeks of training he was moved to a camp at Exmouth which prepared him for fighting conditions.

He then was moved to Burma camp in Wales where he trained to be a dispatch rider. After finishing his training, he then moved to a commando camp in Wales. From there went on to a camp in Kings Lynne to a unit which was being formed to join the British Pacific Fleet.

He sailed from Liverpool at night on the troop ship SS Stirling Castle. After two days of sailing someone threw the Master of Arms overboard and he was selected to guard the officers every night.

The ship zig zagged through the Panama Canal alone, it took six weeks to join the fleet.

The Pacific fleet then formally joined the American 3rd fleet and invaded Japan.

He then sallied on the County Cruiser HMS Suffolk and the aircraft carrier HMS Speaker. And for a short time was based in a camp in Australia. When the Japanese surrendered, he was dropped off in Hong Kong with one hundred and fifty marines to claim it until the peace treaty was signed two weeks later.

Charles sailed home to Plymouth and was de mobbed in July 1946.”

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