Local Kids Attack Horses at Defence Animal Training Regiment HQ

Horses after being attacked

Police are investigating events at the Defence Animal Training Regiment HQ in Melton. Reportedly a group of young people have been seen chasing military horses in a field and throwing things at them. Two years ago there was another incident at the same location when 21 horses were released onto the roads and some were seriously injured.

Video has been obtained of the incident which had been posted on the Melton Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page and the culprits need to be found so army staff can make them realise how dangerous this is and the effect it could have on the horses.

This is a serious incident which would have serious repercussions for the horses if they were badly injured. “We don’t feel the young people realise either the risk to themselves or the horses. A horse with a broken leg will usually be euthanised, for example.”

Sgt Wakelam added: “We are trying to identify them so they can be educated by army instructors around these risks and hopefully stop this childish behaviour.”
If anyone knows who the offenders were in this incident they are asked to call police on 101, quoting incident 680 of July 1.

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