Royal Navy Officer has Medals Stolen

Royal Navy Medals on display

A serving Royal Navy officer and his family were asleep when Nigel Gale broke into his Plymouth home. Nigel stole 4 WW2 medals along with a phone, wallet and tablet. He made off with a haul of valuables before selling what he could.

The officer had locked all windows and doors before retiring to bed. The burglar used forced entry to rob the house. The sailor had no idea he had been the victim of theft until he woke up and came downstairs the following morning. The medals were taken from a display cabinet. 

The burglar was caught after Police recognised him from CCTV footage as he attempted to buy goods using a stolen bank card at a Tesco. Then, using a phone-tracking app the sailor had installed on his phone he was able to track the thief which led the Police to his location where he was arrested. 

Who is Nigel Gale?

A day earlier, burglar, Nigel Gale had stolen £50 from a bus driver’s wallet as he took a toilet break at a local hospital. CCTV on the bus had caught this theft. 

This is not the first time the thief has been in trouble. In 2016, he broke into a grandmother’s house before tearing it apart looking for valuables. He stole £5,000 worth of jewellery, Police were only able to recover a small part of it. The rest is believed to have been melted down and sold for only a few hundred pounds by Gale. 

He has also served jail time for stealing various other items over the years including a bicycle. 

Gale has now been sentenced to 3 years of jail time, he made a point of apologising in particular for stealing the medals as they were obviously of sentimental value.

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