SBS heroically fight off 100 ISIS fanatics in six hour battle to save family

Eight elite British troops bravely fought off 100 ISIS jihadis in a battle that lasted for six hours to save a family in Afghanistan.

The Special Boat Service used the cover of the night to their advantage and created a diversion and attacked the ISIS fighters before fleeing for safety.


Their car was blown up by a homemade bomb and troops are rushed to help the Afghan family. The (SBS) refused to abandon the family and held off the jihadis for six hours before getting away. They are said to have seen the smoking remnants of a car and a family crying for help.

Sadly, one adult in the car died and a young girl was very badly injured.

A source said: “The SBS team had a medic with them who was trauma-trained. He immediately began treating the girl and stopped the bleeding. Then the patrol came under attack and they were forced into undertaking a fighting withdrawal to an abandoned compound.”

They added: “The one chance the SBS guys had was to last until nightfall and then they would have the advantage because of their night-vision equipment.”

The source said: “They were fired on but the ISIS fighters had no real idea where they were and they got away with it.”

It is not known exactly when this took place. But the young girl is known to have made a full recovery. The SBS describes itself as the Royal Navy’s answer to the SAS. They are among the most elite and capable soldiers in the entire British military.





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