War hero George (100) awarded the Norwegian Medal

George Hockney receiving his medal

Centenarian George Hockney has become one of the only British veterans from the World War Two to be honoured with a Norwegian Commemorative Medal.

The proud 100-year-old said it was an honour to be presented with the medal on behalf of the rest of the crew who took part in the mission.

“I feel very proud to receive the medal on behalf of all my comrades; it’s an honour and a privilege.”

George, who also has the British Empire Medal, 3945 Star, Africa Star, Burma Star, Palestine Medal, Malta Medal, War Medal and Defence Medal awarded during a illustrious career, said: “I vividly remember my days in the Royal Navy and was very surprised to hear that the Norwegian Embassy wanted to meet me.”

The man behind George's nomination is historian and lecturer, Tim Kundu, who has researched the Norweigian campaign.

“I felt that the servicemen should be honoured, so took it upon myself to find veterans who had been involved. I feel privileged to have traced and met Mr Hockney – I have had such a wonderful time interviewing him about his experiences. His memories are so fresh and vivid and I’ve learnt so much more about the Norwegian Campaign as a result. He’s a very modest, polite gentleman and is a real hero to me. Congratulations to George on receiving the well-deserved medal and recognition," said Tim.

Who was George Hockney?

George Hockney, was born in Peterborough in 1919, was an engineer on HMS Auckland during the Norway Campaign, from April 8 to June 8 1940.

Defence Attaché Colonel John Andreas Olsen from the Norwegian Embassy came to present the award as the 80th anniversary of the campaign approaches.

Britain and its allies became involved in the first Allied sea, air and land campaign of World War II in Norway. On May 28 1940, the port of Narvik fell into Allied hands, which was the first Allied land victory in the Second World War. In early June, however, the remaining Allied servicemen in Norway were evacuated on account of the rapid German advance in France.


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