Ron Jones - 102 year old Welsh WW2 veteran, Auschwitz survivor and poppy seller dies

RIP Ron Jones - poppies

Ron Jones survived World War 2 and Auschwitz before spending 30 years selling poppies in his local area. 

Who was Ron Jones?

Known as Britain’s oldest poppy seller, Ron was loved and admired by his local Newport community. A proud supporter of Newport County AFC and recipient of the British Empire Medal, Ron dedicated his life after service to helping other veterans who needed help.

Ron Jones died after a short illness. His son Leighton Jones described him as “a loving father who adored his late wife.”

Ron served in North Africa during World War 2 before being captured by the Nazis and transported by cattle truck and death march to Auschwitz. He spent 3 years (1943-1945) in the concentration camp. During his time there where he was put to work for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. On ‘days off’ he played as goalkeeper in the Welsh prison football team. 

Ron Jones joined the Royal British Legion once he returned to the UK and was discharged. He explained: “The reason I joined was because at that particular time the government did not look after causalities from the war but the British Legion did help. Even today we spend a million pounds a month.”

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