The SAS Needs YOU!

SAS Training operation

The SAS is advertising for recruits for the first time in its history. A recent advert in the Army’s Soldier magazine calling for Special Forces Communicators has become the first UK Special Forces advertisement.

A new Special Forces team is being set up to enable SAS and SBS units to have access to counter-cyber and signals assistance in the field. The team will be based in Hereford and will consist of 450 personnel. 

Any SAS hopefuls would need to complete a gruelling 6-month training course. The team will initially focus on assisting in operations in the Middle East and Africa. 


New Special Forces Communicators

SAS Communicator new role

The recruitment drive comes as the SAS and UK Special Forces, in general, are becoming increasingly important. The 2 gulf wars saw UK Special Air Service units being used to carry out major operations secretly and effectively. Due to the nature of the collapsed Islamic State, SAS and SBS units are ideally suited for missions to bring down major figures of the terrorist state and have played key roles in hunting wanted men.

 The new role that has been created is officially known as Special Forces Communicator (SFC) and is a trade within The Royal Corps of Signals.

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