Today is #worldsuicidepreventionday the new Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer is determined to provide better support.

Picture of Jonny Mercer in army uniform

Ex-Army officer Jonny Mercer has announced he is “determined” to support veterans with "best mental health care in the world". His own experience with post-combat stress “ripped apart” comrades he served alongside.

The newly created office for Veteran’s Affairs is to receive £5 million to help support Armed Forces Veterans.

Mr Mercer, previously served in Afghanistan with 29th Commando Regiment in the Royal Artillery. He has now pledged to lay on greater provisions of care for those suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after returning home.

What did MP Johnny Mercer say 

Speaking to ITV News, Mr Mercer said: "The mental health challenge, with repeated combat tours in theatre, whether it's in Iraq, Afghanistan, or wherever else, has completely ripped apart my circle of friends.

"I have an intimate understanding of the issues. I am not going to pretend for a minute that I have all the answers - I don't think anybody has got all the answers.

"But I am determined to get mental health care - whether it's in the veterans' community or the military community or indeed the NHS - to a place where we can offer those who have served in this country the best mental health care in the world."

The minister said the UK has always said "it has a duty" to care for veterans but has failed. But he said the new Office for Veterans' Affairs "will see that duty through".

If you require any urgent assistance please contact the Veterans Gateway



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