Former Royal Marine to row across the Atlantic Ocean

Former Commando and amputee Lee Spencer is to row 3,500 miles across the Atlantic.

He will battle sleep deprivation, enormous waves and solitude during the incredible challenge.

Lee lost a leg in January 2014 and is currently in Gibraltar ready to set off this week and ‘The Rowing Marine' is hoping to beat the existing able-bodied record of 96 days, 12 hours and 45 minutes.

In 2016, the former Commando was one of four wounded military veterans to become

the first all-amputee team to row across an ocean.

The four men all had disabilities, but arrived at the finish line in Antigua in January 2016 and finished a respectable eighth place overall. 

The former Royal Marine was injured outside of service in 2014, when he stopped to help a stranded motorist on the M3 and was hit by debris.

Mr Spencer will have 90 days of rations on board, while also battling sleep deprivation, fatigue, fear and solitude on his journey.

However, he hopes to have the job done in 70 days by rowing anywhere up to 18 hours a day.