Army veteran reunited with medal more than 30 years after it was stolen

A SHOCKED army veteran has been reunited with his stolen campaign medal after more than 30 years – describing it as ‘the miracle he never thought would happen’.

Frank Money lost his beloved Borneo medal when his former home in Magpie Walk, Wecock Farm, Portsmouth, was ransacked by a thief in 1988.

The raid left him heartbroken and convinced he would never again be able to wear his accolade.

But unbeknown to the 86-year-old, his prized possession had been dumped in a small patch of woodland a few hundred metres away from his home - where they remained for three decades. 

It wasn’t until a metal detectorist stumbled across them in 2018 that it was finally recovered.

But not knowing who it belonged to, the 32-year-old, called Aaron kept the medal in storage for a year. 

Then on the one-year anniversary of uncovering the medal, the dad-of-four put an appeal out on Facebook to try and trace the owner.

It was an appeal that was picked up by a military group the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ And within hours, the team were able to track down Mr Money and let him know that his medal had finally been found - much to the veteran’s astonishment.