A message from Major General David Shaw

Thank you to all our supporters for playing the Veterans Lottery (VL) and for supporting the Veterans’ Foundation (VF).  

By January 2019 you had helped us raise over £1M which has been given in grants to over 100 organisations.  

We hope that you will enjoy this first of our regular newsletters.

The Veterans’ Foundation (VF) and Veterans’ Lottery (VL) started in July 2016.  

The intention behind the VF was to raise funds for charities or charitable organisations that help armed forces people and their immediate dependants, who are in need.  

Incidentally, we have expanding the beneficiaries to include seafarers who have been on operations and risked their lives, such as those in 1982 who took part in the recovery of the Falkland Islands.

Beneficiaries of the grants range from those veterans needing help to overcome homelessness to helping orphaned Service children.  

The grants have also helped veterans who have lost limbs recover confidence and ambition, along with assisting unemployed veterans gain employment. 

 I hope you all recognise the good that some wonderful charities and other types of organisations are carrying out to help those in need.  

We can vouch for the altruism and motivation of people who work in these organisations and many stories of the help provided by grants have been reported on our website, Facebook page and via other social media platforms.

Raising so much money that might otherwise not have been given to charity, could only have been done with the help of the public, playing and  winning in some cases, the Lottery and donating money to the VF.  

So THANK YOU. Please continue to support us and please prompt charities that you know are supporting veterans to consider a bid for funds from the VF.