Royal Marine wins Veterans’ Lottery jackpot


A serving Royal Marine has won £5,000 in the latest national Veterans’ Lottery draw.

Jason Tooley has been serving for 27 years and signed up to play the Veterans’ Lottery because he knows many people who have needed vital support that’s provided by military charities.

He lives in Torrington, Devon, and said that he was telling a friend about the Veterans’ Lottery just days before he received the phone call to inform him that he’d won the jackpot.

“I’m always wary of answering the phone if no number shows up on the screen, but I did, and I couldn’t believe what the guy on the other end was telling me. I thought it was a hoax,” said Jason.

“I was only telling a friend about the Veterans’ Lottery the other day. What a weird coincidence.”

The 48-year-old, said that the timing of his win couldn’t have been better as he and his wife have been saving hard for their family holiday to Disneyland this summer.

“We are taking our son on holiday and this win really helps us out as this kind of trip isn’t cheap,”he continued.

“Now we don’t have to save up as this money will pretty much cover all of the cost.”

But, like thousands of other players of the national Veterans’ Lottery, Jason revealed that his primary reason to sign up wasn’t the chance of winning, but to do his bit to help provide support for those in need.

“It’s a good to get something back for playing, but I’m in it because I’m safe in the knowledge that my £10 per month is being used to help military charities provide help for veterans who have given so much.

“I know people who have left the forces and really needed help and charities like the Veterans’ Foundation provide this life-changing support.”

Valerie Lanza only signed up to the Veterans’ Lottery a couple of weeks ago and she won the £2,000 second prize.

The Devon-based mother of three comes from a military family, as both her grandfather and uncle served in the Royal Navy.

Valerie signed up after reading about the work of the Veterans’ Foundation on social media and has since been spreading the word and encouraging her friends and family to join the Veterans’ Lottery.

“I just had to sign up because it’s such a great cause,” said Valerie.

“I’m going to give some of my winning to the children, which is such a great thing to be able to do.”

This month’s Veterans’ Lottery jackpot stands at £25,000.

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