New mental health project launched to support Royal Marines

Royal Marines will have access to vital treatment thanks to a new initiative started by a serving commando.

'Project Regain' is aimed at promoting early detection and help for Marines who could suffer from mental health issues.

"Project Regain will help personnel get support quickly and easily, as soon as they need it," Data collected for the project revealed commandos find it hard to ask for support when symptoms of illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorder and depression first present themselves. 

"It can be hard to put your hand up if you think you might be struggling with your mental health, and we’re working to challenge the perceived stigma around asking for help," said Mr Ellwood.

Support systems are already well established within the corps – and Royal Marines have the lowest rates of mental health problems in the UK Armed Forces – but Regain intends to improve mental health awareness and reduce stigma.

"Having lost friends to suicide, preventing any further tragedy is clearly a drive and focus for me and this project," said Regain’s founder, Captain Ryan Morris, Physical Training and Sports Officer at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, Devon.

Captain Morris has twice in his career been assigned to work at Hasler Company, in Devonport Naval Base.

Hasler is a dedicated centre designed to professionally help with rehabilitation for servicemen and women.

Most Royal Marines who seek help have eight to 12 sessions of talking therapy and then carry on their careers.

All the treatment provided is confidential