Royal Navy warship seizes record £150m of drugs

The Feb 27 haul was the sixth for HMS Dragon in recent months Credit: MOD

A Royal Navy warship has seized more than two tons of hashish, in its sixth drugs haul of recent months while tackling traffickers in the Arabian Sea.


HMS Dragon is believed to have set a Royal Navy record for drugs capture in the region with a string of major heroin and hashish hauls.

The drugs captured over several weeks of counter narcotics patrols are estimated to be worth more than £150m in total, and to weigh in at more than 15 tons.

The Type-45 air defence destroyer has been targeting maritime smugglers' routes running from the Makran coast of Iran and Pakistan, down to Yemen and East Africa.

Last year, the United Nations warned an unprecedented surge of high quality and low cost Afghan heroin was bound for the world’s streets after the country’s opium crop jumped two thirds to record levels.

Much of the drugs flowing through the so-called “hash highway” to Yemen and “smack track” to East Africa will end up in Europe and on the streets of Britain, said the commanding officer, Cdr Mike Carter Quinn.

He said: “We are not aware of any other Royal Navy ship that has been out in this region having anything close to the amount of success that we have had, either in the number of seizures or the amount of drugs seized, the value of those.”