UK Pier closed after discovery of unexploded bomb

Royal Navy bomb experts have destroyed a 19th-century shell after it was discovered just metres away from a popular pier.

The team closed Southend pier as a precaution while they moved the 29kg projectile - thought to be a British rifled muzzle-loaded projectile - away from the public area to destroy it further out at sea at around 7 pm.

Chief Petty Officer (Diver) Andrew Marshall said: "When I arrived, I identified that the munition was no longer fused but it still held an explosive risk to the public.

"We carried out a controlled explosion at 7.12pm. It was a good collaborative effort with partners Dover Coastguard, RNLI, Essex Police and London Southend Air Traffic Control.”

The Royal Navy's Diving Units provide a vital service to both the Royal Navy and the public and are at high readiness to deploy to any location around the UK.