Thousands raised for war hero (95) after NHS withdraw funding for medical treatment

Thousands of pounds has been raised to help pay for the care of an RAF veteran after the NHS withdrew funding for his medical treatment.

Bedbound Bob Frost, 95, who evaded capture by the Nazis in 1942 faces selling his £300,000 home in order to stay at Ami Court in Walmer.

The former headmaster says he was told he had 'survived too long' and must stump up the £5,000 a month fees.

But he told KentOnline he is desperate to pass his home in Sandwich, which he worked so hard to buy, to his children.

His partner Mildred Schutz, 94, a former spy who operated behind enemy lines in 1944, told a national newspaper it was a "very cruel blow", when "he should be treated with dignity".

A crowdfunding page was launched and has raised more than £22,000 from more than 1,500 contributors.

Mr Frost told KentOnline: "I find it totally... well, just, goodness gracious me!

"I'm bowled over by it."

Mr Frost was taken to hospital following a fall in March and then transferred to the Walmer care home.

The veteran was receiving end-of-life care after suffering two bouts of pneumonia and a kidney infection however his heath has since improved.

The NHS have therefore decided to withdraw funding for his care, passing the case onto social services.

He said: "I was called in to the office and they said they couldn't go on funding me. They said I'd have to move elsewhere.

"I went there on the understanding it would be my home for ever more. I want to leave my house to my children, obviously."

Mr Frost was the rear gunner in a Wellington bomber that was shot down in September 1942, as it flew to raid the German town of Essen.

After bailing out through a hole in the fuselage, he ended up alone in a field with a big white parachute. He was 19.

The former boy Scout decided he would walk the 1,000 miles to Cyprus to find safety.

On the way he found support with the resistance who aided him, and then a woman, countess Andree de Jong, who operated the Comete escape line out of Belgium, aided him across the Pyrenees to safety.

His story is well documented in a book called Escaping Hitler by Monty Halls. His story was also part of a Channel 4 documentary.