WWII Wellington Bomber being restored to former glory

One of just two surviving Vickers Wellington bombers from the Second World War is being restored.

Experts from the Michael Beetham Conservation Centre at the RAF Museum Cosford are carrying out the painstaking project.

It is part of the national collection, the aim of which is to preserve historical aircraft for generations to come.

Darren Priday, from the Michael Beetham Conservation Centre, spoke to Forces News about the "very, very rare" Wellington bomber: "Over 11-and-a-half thousand (Wellington) bombers were manufactured - only 2 remain in the UK.

"We brought her (Wellington bomber) here about six or seven years ago, and the majority of the damage was to the fabric covering on the outside  - very little damage or deterioration to the metal structure beneath, we found a little bit of oxidation here and there - nothing too drastic and we've treated that.

"The team's role here is to make sure that in 50, 100 years time, families can still come into a museum and see Spitfires, Hurricanes, Messerschmitts or anything else that we've got in our collection."