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How 1,200 Veterans with Dementia are supported
November 10 2020

How does Alzheimer's Support help Veterans?

Alzheimer's Support is currently working with over 1,200 Veterans who are suffering from Dementia within Wiltshire. The charity provides active engagement through their award-winning day clubs, community groups and a 1-2-1 Home Support Service. They also offer training, support and respite for family carers.

A diagnosis of Dementia is something many people are afraid of, it is thought of as a severe and life-shattering condition. But with support, good advice and high-quality care people can live well with the condition. One man who has been helped by Alzheimer’s Support summed it up as follows: “Dementia is not the end. It is a new beginning where you do things differently. While some things change forever, there is still a lot you can do.”

Alzheimer’s Support works in their local communities to ensure that good and helpful information is available to everyone who needs or wants it. As every person has a set of different needs and issues, the charity has a team of experienced Dementia advisers who are on hand to provide bespoke advice and plans including arranging community activities, daycare, occupational therapy, respite care, advice on nutrition or speech therapy and emotional support.

How does Veterans’ Foundation help Alzheimer’s Support?

As with many charities in 2020, Covid-19 has completely changed how Alzheimer’s Support operates. Alzheimer’s Support is relaunching it’s Creating Connections programme which supports Veterans in many ways including arranging community activities, daycare, occupational therapy, respite care, advice on nutrition, speech therapy, emotional support, financial benefits and much more. Veterans’ Foundation is proud to support this programme and Alzheimer’s Support’s continuing work with Veterans suffering with Dementia.

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