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FirstLight Trust ‘Forever Grateful’ for Veterans’ Foundation Grant

December 15 2021

More veterans in Scotland who have fallen on hard times will be able to access vital charity support thanks to a grant from the Veterans’ Foundation.

As the negative effects of the pandemic kicked in and the withdrawal from Afghanistan triggered further mental health issues in 2021, FirstLight Trust provided essential support to ex-Armed Forces personnel, with people to talk to and a safe place for them to go.

VF funding will go towards the salary and costs of employing a Support Co-Ordinator based in Falkirk, helping FirstLight Trust to bring their important welfare work to many more veterans than ever.

“The work that we have been undertaking so successfully in Hawick is now required further north in Scotland,” said Rose Bradbury, Head of Operational Development & Communications at FirstLight Trust.

“This type of welfare is particularly crucial now, as the effects that the lockdown intensified (isolation, loneliness, mental illness, addiction and relationship break-ups) are now being exacerbated by the situation in Afghanistan (triggering of PTSD; survivors’ guilt; anger; drinking; suicide),” explained Rose.

“People to talk to face to face; places to meet and have a brew are now essential. The appointment of a support worker/co-ordinator at least helps us react quickly to this need.”

FirstLight Trust supports veterans of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services as well as their families, whatever that may look like for each individual.

From supporting mental wellbeing to preventing homelessness, ending isolation and loneliness to addressing addiction issues, FirstLight Trust work with over 300 organisations to provide targeted support to those who need it.

“The Veterans’ Foundation has always been incredibly supportive of FirstLight Trust,” Rose added.

“We are forever grateful for this support and for their belief in the work we do; as an organisation we are incredibly effective, and this grant will enable us to reach more veterans in need. Thank you so much to the Veterans’ Foundation for their continual support.”

To find out more about FirstLight Trust, please visit, or to play the Veterans’ Lottery and support many more good causes like this, sign up here.

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