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How we support a Nottinghamshire Veterans' Charity
November 10 2020

How do Forces in the Community assist Veterans?

Supporting Veterans in their local communities is an important way to ensure that the transition from life in the services to civilian life is as smooth as possible. Forces in the Community are located in Nottinghamshire and provide support to Veterans throughout their local area.

A common problem faced by Veterans upon leaving the services is what to do now their (often decades-long) career is finished. Life in the Armed Forces is unique, people who join the Armed Forces face situations that most people would never even dream of. Life in the forces is full of routine, order and extreme situations. When they leave life in the Armed Forces, Veterans are left facing a completely different life than the one they’ve known previously. Often Veterans will miss the tight-knit community that life in the forces offers, they miss the structure and they miss the comfort of knowing what to expect next. 

Civilian life is remarkably different, you have many choices and there are many different ways to do things. Often the transition from total order to civilian life is highly problematic. Feeling like outsiders in their own communities, Veterans are faced with isolation and loneliness. Self-medication with drink and drugs, homelessness and severe mental health problems including a tendency for suicide are unfortunately common among Veterans. 

Many Veterans need help adjusting to civilian life and that’s where charities like Forces in the Community come in. Employment is often the backbone of stability that Veterans need, Forces in the Community are committed to helping Veterans find employment. From helping them to build skills to writing a CV and applying to jobs, the charity does everything in their power to support Veterans finding long-term employment.

Another practical way Forces in the Community help Veterans is by helping them find suitable accommodation, be it a single person residency or a family home. Sometimes Veterans have to relocate to entirely new communities, having assistance doing this while also coming to terms with civilian life can be a game-changer.

Due to the unique nature of life in the Armed Forces, many Veterans (and those still-serving) face complex mental health issues. Forces in the Community provide counselling and mental health services in order to provide support which is often desperately important in coming to terms with life outside of the Forces. 


How does Veterans’ Foundation support Forces in the Community?

We know how crucial local community support can be in the lives of Veterans, Veterans’ Foundation is committed to supporting local projects which better the lives of Veterans, their families and dependents. Veterans’ Foundation is delighted to support Forces in the Community with a grant which will go towards IT resources to enable continuing support of local Veterans during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The grant will also be used to run counselling and mental health sessions in order to provide support to Veterans who may be struggling with increased isolation and loneliness.

To give generous grants to support Veterans' charities like Forces in the Community we need help. Please help us raise money by Playing the Veterans' Lottery or Donating for Veterans.

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