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Grant Updates
The British Forces Foundation
February 17 2021

How does The British Forces Foundation help British troops?

The British Forces Foundation is designed to provide British troops with a boost to their morale through entertainment. They also seek to relay to British troops the gratitude of the British public for their service.

HRH The Prince of Wales Prince Charles had this to say about the charity he proudly patrons: "The British Forces Foundation aims to promote the efficiency of our Armed Forces through charitable means by promoting the well-being and esprit de corps of all service personnel.

With ever-increasing commitments overseas our Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen can expect to spend even longer periods away from their homes and families – and thus maintaining their morale becomes all the more important.

The foundation, with a unique fusion of showbusiness, military and senior diplomatic figures, will raise substantial funding to encourage top-class performers to go around the world entertaining our troops, as well as supporting existing organisations involved in providing entertainment and recreational facilities to the forces.

The British Forces Foundation enjoys my wholehearted support and I am delighted to be its Patron."

Commandant General Royal Marines had this to say about the work The British Forces Foundation carry out: “The impact these shows on the individual Marines cannot be underestimated particularly when known stars take time out of a busy schedule at no cost, which is often a surprise to the Marines and one that they fully appreciate. It not only provides quality entertainment for the individuals but also demonstrates genuine appreciation for what they endure in order to deliver the end result. More importantly, it also introduces some alternative fun into a busy schedule which has been sadly lacking over the last few years due to back-to-back operations and deployments.”

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