Become one of our corporate partners

We are always grateful to work with new partners and build relationships that change lives.  The Veterans’ Foundation is happy to tailor partnerships so they are unique and mutually beneficial.

Ways your business can work with Veterans' Foundation

Here are just a few ways we can work together but do feel free to suggest your own ideas:

Charity Of The Year

By choosing the Veterans’ Foundation as your Charity Of The Year, we can work together to create a calendar of fundraising events that engage your teams - activities that are life-changing to our beneficiaries, serving and retired members of the armed forces and their dependants, who are in need.

The Veterans’ Foundation funds a wide range of projects – from mental health to homelessness – and this often helps to keep teams fully motivated throughout the year.  We also raise funds for remembrance and this can be included in the company calendar.

Our ambassadors – veterans who are skilled communicators in leadership and teamwork – can also engage with your company.


The Veterans’ Foundation has a large, thriving community of supporters and we are open to working with corporate partners to create bespoke campaigns and events that engage our military friends and family.  From bike rides to bake-offs, there’s always a sponsorship project to fit.

Emergency giving

There are times when the clock is ticking on projects for beneficiaries and emergency giving becomes essential. There could be urgent assistance required around mental health – we are losing one Veteran every five days to suicide – or as winter grips the need to take homeless Veterans off the street and into safe shelter may become a matter of life or death. Emergency giving has been part of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Veterans' Foundation has supported many projects and charities throughout the height of the Coronavirus lockdown. Your business could play a part in emergency giving and we are ready to support you in providing targeted projects your teams can unite behind.

Cause-related marketing

Your brand, product or service might be a good fit for our cause and we are happy to discuss a commercial agreement that is mutually beneficial. We value our brand, our supporters and the trust the public has in the Veterans’ Foundation. We are open to working with corporate partners who share our ethical beliefs and passion to change the lives of those in need.

5 reasons to partner with the Veterans’ Foundation:

  1. The Veterans’ Foundation has a large online reach, and through daily promotions, engages with over three million people per month.
  2. The Veterans’ Foundation is a charity built by the public – it was created from our social media community and is a trusted, relevant brand.
  3. The Veterans’ Foundation works with projects across the military community and impacts the entire military family. The VF typically funds projects that support those battling mental health, homelessness, poverty, unemployment and addiction.  It also funds remembrance and helps the bereaved children of servicemen and women.
  4. Our approach to corporate partnerships is modern and open-minded (but mindful of good practice and regulations) – we realise that unnecessary red tape can have a negative impact on creative thinking and that every penny matters.
  5. The Veterans’ Foundation works with the hundreds of smaller charities and organisations that do incredible work but often struggle to have their voices heard.  Together we can amplify these amazing stories.


To discuss a joint venture with the Veterans’ Foundation please call us on 0131 209 7860 or email