Do you have a question about the Veterans' Foundation?

Since the Veterans’ Foundation began in 2016, we have given over £11 million in grants via 480+ awards to more than 350 unique organisations. Those who have received grants from the Veterans’ Foundation are based all over the UK and offer varied approaches to the problems faced by people who are, or were, in the Armed Forces.

As examples, we support projects that:

  • Reduce homelessness
  • Increase employment
  • Provide welfare and medical support
  • Increase confidence and social integration
  • Reduce dependence on drugs and alcohol
  • Support other charitable activities that may be needed
General Queries
  • What is the Veterans' Foundation?

    The Veterans' Foundation is a charity that provides funds to charities and other organisations that support serving and former members of the British Armed Forces, operationally qualified seafarers, and their dependents, who are in need. It acquires its funds through the Veterans’ Lottery and donations. The Veterans' Foundation primarily supports low and medium-wealth charities that need funds to continue their good work.


  • Are you a registered charity?

    The Veterans’ Foundation is registered as a charity in England and Wales with the Charity Commission (No. 1166953) and with OSCR in Scotland (No. SCO46571). The Veterans’ Foundation is a member of Cobseo (The Confederation of Service Charities) and Veterans Scotland. The charity is also registered with Companies House.


  • I never hear from you

    Please inform our admin team that you wish to receive Veterans’ Foundation’s monthly newsletter. Email:
  • How can I donate to the Veterans’ Foundation?

You can choose to donate to Veterans’ Foundation through a one-off donation or a monthly donation. Make a donation here.

You can also donate by post.

Donations will be passed to those charities and organisations helping our armed forces and Veterans who are in need.

The Veterans’ Lottery
  • What is the Veterans’ Lottery?

    The Veterans’ Lottery was established in July 2016 as a funding source to help members of the UK’s armed forces and Veterans who are in need.

  • Is the Veterans Lottery genuine?

    • The Veterans Lottery is a legitimate lotto licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 4547.
    • We are licensed to trade our lottery under the 'Veterans Lottery'
    • More information about our Gambling Commission license can be found at the Gambling Commission website.

  • When is the draw for the Veterans’ Lottery?

    The draw for the Veterans’ Lottery is the last day of each month.


  • Will I be told if I win the Veterans’ Lottery?

    Yes, all Veterans’ Lottery winners are notified by phone or email. You can also check results here.

  • What are the odds of winning the Veterans' Lottery?

    The odds of winning the Veterans' Lottery are  1,313 to 1. Every month 42 players win a combined total of up to £56,800.  These odds are as of December 2021. 

  • Is my £10 a month qualified for Gift Aid?

    The money you give for your lottery membership doesn't qualify for Gift Aid because it is a fixed payment (where you are receiving your lottery entry in return for the money) as opposed to a donation.


  • How much does the Veterans’ Lottery cost and what do I receive?

    The Veterans’ Lottery operates through subscribers committing to a monthly direct debit of £10. When you join, you will be sent a unique Veterans’ Lottery membership card bearing your name and number. The lottery draw takes place on the last day of each month and lottery winners are posted on the Veterans’ Foundation website soon afterwards. All winners are also contacted directly.

In addition to the Veterans’ Lottery membership card, you will be offered a complimentary Gourmet Society membership (worth £79.99 annually) for as long as you sustain the Veterans’ Lottery direct debit. This membership can save you up to 50% in over 6500 restaurants and pubs nationwide. Should you wish to use the service you must activate the membership on receipt of your Veterans’ Lottery documentation.


  • What is the prize breakdown?

    Currently, the Veterans' Lottery has 42 monthly prizes - £5,000, £2000 plus 40 £120 prizes. The lottery also has a rollover fund which pushes the top prize to £50,000.

The Veterans’ Lottery prizes consist of the first prize of £5,000, the second prize of £2,000 and 40 prizes of £120. There is also a rollover prize that grows as the lottery grows. If the monthly winner’s rollover number matches that drawn by the random number generator, you win the rollover prize as well as the first prize. If the numbers aren’t a match, the rollover pot carries over to a maximum total prize of £50,000. The Veterans’ Lottery rollover, if unclaimed, grows by 3% of the monthly lottery income. See Veterans’ Lottery Winners here.


  • How has the Veterans’ Lottery grown?

    The Veterans’ Lottery was started in July 2016 and the first draw saw just 100 people take part with prizes of circa £8K. That meant in the very early months the lottery lost money but this was factored in the charity's forecasts. The losses were covered by donations from kind benefactors who believed that by year two the Veterans' Lottery will have established itself as one of the most important sources of funding for British veterans in need. The lottery now has over 70,000 players and we have distributed more than £11m in grants since we started to over 350 charities and other organisations.


  • What percentage of my Lottery membership goes to veterans?

    Our objective is to distribute at least 50% of our total lottery income to Good Causes. Despite the problems with Covid-19 this was achieved in the last 12 months. This compares favourably with other national lotteries which are close to 30%. Costs in running the Veterans’ Lottery to official guidelines include an annual remote and non-remote licence issued by the Gambling Commission, prizes, marketing, auditing, verification checks, data protection, creation and postage of membership packs and membership cards, Gourmet Society membership for all cardholders, secure website hosting and random number generators held in secure environments.


  • How is the Veterans' Lottery sold?

    To keep costs to a minimum, and maintain the growth plan that ensures as many people as possible can be helped, the Veterans' Lottery is sold online on the Veterans' Foundation website, through active fundraising teams and advertised elsewhere through social media.


  • Where can I find the results of the Veterans' Lottery and when is the draw made?

    The draw takes place in a secure environment, in either Birmingham or Manchester, on the last day of every month. It is made by one of two random number generators. The winners are posted here on the Veterans' Foundation website.

Winners are personally notified and prizes are paid within five working days.


  • How many Veterans’ Lottery tickets can I have?

    You are allowed up to five Veterans’ Lottery tickets.


  • Can I choose my own Veterans’ Lottery numbers?

    No, the Veterans’ Lottery numbers are automatically allocated and your numbers will be the same for every draw. Your lottery membership number is 5 or 6 digits long, you also have a rollover number which will be either 1,2 or 3. The Veterans’ Lottery rollover only comes into play for the 1st prize winner.


  • How can there be a Veterans’ Lottery rollover every month?

    The Veterans’ Lottery rollover is a sum of money potentially available to the 1st prize winner. It accumulates each month that it isn’t won, so the value of the rollover can vary considerably.

Each month, 3% of the ticket sales for that month’s draw are added to the Veterans’ Lottery rollover.

The maximum pay-out (1st Prize and Rollover combined) is currently £50,000. As the 1st Prize is £5000 then the rollover is capped at £45,000. During the period the maximum rollover fund is unclaimed, a second rollover fund builds. This fund becomes active as soon the first rollover pot is won.


  • I signed up to the Veterans’ Lottery weeks ago and have not received my card yet

    You will have received an automated email upon joining, please check your spam/junk folder if it has not arrived. Veterans’ Lottery cards take up to three weeks to arrive, but if it has been longer than that please email: and our admin team will look into it.


  • I want to change my address

    Please notify our admin team of any changes, email:


  • I need to inform you of a change to bank details

    Please call us on 0333 999 3899 and we will make the adjustment on your behalf.


  • Can I change my Direct Debit date?

    No, the Direct Debit date is the 20th of every month for everyone. All funds have to be received in our bank account before the Veterans’ Lottery draw (midday on the last day of the month) in order for a member to be entered into the draw.


  • How can I cancel my Veterans' Lottery membership?

    You may close your account (and terminate your agreement with us) at any time by sending an email from your registered email address to expressly requesting account closure. Please see the Veterans' Lottery Terms and Conditions for more information.


  • How do I know my money has been taken?

    The Direct Debit reference on your bank statements starts with “VFL”.


  • I can’t put my card details in, my card isn’t being accepted.

    Please try signing up using a different device or you can apply via post.


  • I have not received a welcome email

    Sorry about this, please email us at and explain that you have not heard from us yet. We'll make sure you get your welcome email.

  • I don’t like putting my bank details online

    You can also sign up to play the Veterans’ Lottery via post. Please print out and fill in this form and send it to the address found on the form.


  • Can I pay with cash?

    There is an option to play the Veterans’ Lottery via cheque, you need to complete the play by post form and send a cheque for £120. When the cheque clears you will be entered into the Veterans’ Lottery for 12 months.


  • Why have I been called by 01312022975?

    We attempt to call as many supporters as possible to ensure they are aware of what they have committed to, how the lottery works and how their kind support will help those in need.


During the financial year July 2020 -June 2021, £6,616,70 was raised by the lottery. 49.92% went to good causes; 45.22% went to running, promoting and advertising the lottery, and 4.86% was directed to prizes. The Veterans' Lottery is run in association with Bee Ethical Limited. Bee Ethical Limited is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission (licence number 044067-N-323193-009)

The British Armed Forces Memorial Wall
  • What is the British Armed Forces Memorial Wall?

    The Memorial Wall is a national, online living tribute to the lives of the men and women, now deceased, who contributed to our country by serving in the British Armed Forces.

  • What kind of tributes can be placed on the Wall?

    A place on the Wall honours the life of anyone who has ever served in the British Armed Forces, for any length of time, who has since passed away.The Wall is a tri-service memorial meaning it covers those who served in the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force. The Wall also honours those who served in the Merchant Seafarers
  • Can those who served as reservists be included on the Wall?

    Yes, we owe a huge debt to reservists and they continue to play a vital role in the British Armed Forces.
  • Who can place a tribute on the Wall?

    Anyone is welcome to place a tribute to a past Veteran on the Wall. We encourage family, friends, colleagues and members of the public to play their part by making sure that past Veterans known to them are given their place on the Wall.
  • Do I have to pay to add a tribute to the Wall?

    We invite everyone adding a tribute to the Wall to make a donation if they can afford to do so, but we don’t want any past Veterans to be excluded so there is always the option to add a tribute without making a donation. For those kindly leaving a donation there is the option to make a one off gift, or a monthly gift of remembrance.  
  • Why do you ask for donations?

    The funds we raise through donations help us to maintain and administer the Wall securely, but more importantly, your generous gifts to the Wall help us support today’s military Veterans in the most need. (For more information about the help the VF gives to vulnerable Veterans please see here
  • What information do I need to place a tribute?

    You will be asked for basic information about the Veteran you wish to honour. Name, Rank (if known) together with your relationship to the person. If you know their date of birth, and the date on which they passed away, you will also be invited to include these. You will also be asked to upload a photo of your hero (or send one to us if submitting by post)
  • Can I leave any other information?

    You are warmly invited to leave as much information as you wish about the life of the person you are honouring with a tribute. Both military and personal details and stories are welcome. You will also be invited to leave a message of your choice on your tribute.
  • What else can I do to ensure a ‘living tribute’

    Once you have created your tribute there are a number of ways to continue to honour your hero (or any other person included on the Wall):
    • 1. You can revisit as many times as you like and leave new messages, just visit the Wall, click on your chosen person and then click on ‘write a tribute’.
    • 2. You can encourage family, friends and colleagues to leave their own messages on your tribute as in (1) above
    • 3. You (or family. friends and colleagues) can light a virtual candle on your chosen tribute. Just visit the Wall, click on your chosen person and select ‘Light a Candle’. (For candles we ask for a modest donation). Candles stay alight for a month when accompanied by a one-off donation, or permanently if a monthly gift is given.
  • What if someone posts a tribute of my family member and I would like it removed?

    There may be occasions when a challenge is made against a memorial. The challenge should be made via email to This will automatically pause the memorial, removing it from view until a resolution can be found.
  • If the memorial is vandalised by incorrect information, should I contact you?

    There may be occasions when a challenge is made against a memorial. The challenge should be made via email to This will automatically pause the memorial, removing it from view until a resolution can be found.
  • Can I add multiple heroes to the Memorial Wall at the same time?

    Yes, you can add as many tributes as you like
The Gourmet Society


  • How do I get my free gift?

    Your free gift is a membership to the Gourmet Society. You will receive a unique code that gives you access to the Gourmet Society on the letter you have received with your Veterans’ Lottery card. Download the Gourmet Society App to your phone and enter the code. You can also use the link found on the letter and enter the code online or use this link.


  • If I cancel my Veterans’ Lottery membership will my Gourmet Society membership continue?

    No. Your Gourmet Society membership is only valid for as long as you are a member. If you sign up to Gourmet Society via the website your discount card will only last 12 months, membership on the app last for as long as you play the veterans Lottery.


  • I can’t see what restaurants near me accept the Gourmet Society card.

    Click here to see what restaurants accept the Gourmet Society card.
Applying for a grant
  • Who can apply for a grant from the Veterans’ Foundation?

    The Veterans’ Foundation has established a substantial grants programme to support charities and organisations (eg CIC limited by guarantee) that provide support to those in need among serving armed forces personnel, veterans, operationally qualified seafarers and their immediate families. 

    We support a wide variety of projects such as those that reduce homelessness, increase employment, provide welfare and medical support, increase confidence and social integration, as well as reducing dependence on alcohol and drugs.

    Visit our “Apply For a Grant” tab, and read our detailed guidance for organisations bidding for grants.


  • How do the Veterans’ Foundation Trustees decide what charities receive a grant?

    The trustees will consider any grant application that is helping past or present members of the British Armed Forces, operationally qualified seafarers, and their immediate dependants, who are in need. We support charities, community interest companies and other organisations that are conducting charitable activity.

    Start-ups need to provide a competent business case and the Veterans' Foundation grants should not be used to develop profit. The wealth of different organisations and the amount of funds we have available will play a part in who obtains a grant.

    Visit our “Apply For a Grant” tab, and read our detailed guidance for organisations bidding for grants.


  • When does the Veterans’ Foundation allocate grants?

    The Veterans’ Foundation typically allocates grants four times a year. See our “Apply For a Grant” tab for specific submission deadline dates.

    The board may also accept non-routine applications in exceptional circumstances (e.g. for needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic). Please send an email to to see if the board will consider reviewing a non-routine grant application in your exceptional circumstance.

    Visit our “Apply For a Grant” tab, and read our detailed guidance for organisations bidding for grants.


  • What is the largest Veterans’ Foundation grant I can ask for?

    Currently, there are two standard grants available:

    1) Grants of any sum up to a maximum of £30K may be awarded. Trustees will also consider a bid for a spread grant up to a maximum of £30K, i.e. £30K as £10K for each of the next two or three years.   

    2) Grants of any sum up to a maximum of £40K for the exclusive use on salaries over a two-year period may be awarded i.e. £40K as £20K for each of the next two years. In some cases, the grant award may be limited to one year and qualified grantees may reapply at a later date for a second year of funding. 

    The VF has not applied a limit to the number of  bids that a single organisation can make, preferring to judge each bid on its merits. In some cases, the VF may choose to give regular grant payments, usually quarterly, where the case is particularly strong and benefit to beneficiaries is closely aligned with the VF objectives.

    Visit our “Apply For a Grant” tab, and read our detailed guidance for organisations bidding for grants.


If you need further advice, send your query to or call us on 0333 999 3899.

Financial information
  • How much of Veterans’ Foundation money goes to the veterans?

    From 2016 - March 2021, 100% of donations have gone directly to projects funded by the Veterans’ Foundation. In future, a nominal percentage of donations may be used to cover costs of advertising for donations and fundraising.


  • What are Veterans’ Foundation’s costs?

    The costs of running a national charity and a national lottery (governed to strict regulations) have been kept to a minimum. After having relied on benefactors to support the running costs of the Veterans’ Lottery for the first 12 months, the Veterans’ Foundation is self-supporting. It keeps running costs to the bare minimum, about 3%, therefore maximising amounts available for grants.