What is the Veterans' Foundation?


The Veterans’ Foundation is one of the country’s fastest-growing military charities and we are proud to work with hundreds of smaller charities and charitable organisations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that share our passion: to provide a better life for our armed forces family who are in need (our beneficiaries).

We help our partner organisations by supporting them to deliver life-changing projects through our grant award scheme.  

To help you find out more about where your money goes and how it changes lives, we've broken down the members of our charitable Hub into categories. You can view it here.

Who does the Veterans' Foundation help and how?

Many amazing charities have significant financial constraints and the Veterans’ Foundation exists to champion their causes and to help them effect their objectives.

We do this by funding projects and we also work with our partners to broadcast their initiatives so we can raise awareness of the challenges facing our armed forces community. We know those challenges can often impact on family members and our pledge is to also offer support for the dependants of those who have served their country.

The Veterans’ Foundation has a unique story. We were formed in 2016 and we have grown quickly since then. 

Our journey began by sharing the stories of our armed forces family on social media and this quickly escalated into a large, trusted community of friends and supporters. In just a few years we’ve engaged and interacted with millions of you, celebrating our armed forces and bringing hope of a better life to those in need of care and assistance.

Our supporters, you, are the heartbeat of the Veterans’ Foundation and through your kind donations, fundraising events and by playing our popular Veterans’ Lottery, challenges are being faced, overcome, and lives are changing for the better.

Thank you for your support.

How you can help

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