Corporate Partnership

In partnership with The Veterans’ Foundation, your organisation can work together to provide vital services to our Armed Forces community in need, whilst engaging your employees and enhancing your social value and brand. 

If you have any questions about becoming a Corporate Partner, then please contact our Corporate Team - 

How can we work together?


We welcome donations and can direct your donation to a service aligned to your company values and objectives. 

Employee Fundraising

Engage your staff with fundraising activities and the opportunity to support those who have served for our country. 


We are open to creating bespoke campaigns and events that engage our military family.  From bike rides to bake-offs.  

Cause-Related Marketing 

Your brand, product or service might be a good fit for our cause, and we are happy to discuss a commercial agreement that is mutually beneficial 

10 reasons to partner with the Veterans’ Foundation:

  1. The Veterans’ Foundation has a large online reach and engages with over 18,000,000 people per month.
  2. The Veterans’ Foundation has over 100,000 members, who want to hear about the great work we deliver with our partners.
  3. Your business social value and ESG impact will be enhanced through positive change in serving and veteran armed forces communities, locally, as well as the wider effect on government and society, nationally.  
  4. Your business will generate positive local and national PR and brand awareness.
  5. Your employees will feel proud to work for a business that supports those who in need, encouraging team building, rapport, and new staff engagement opportunities.
  6. Your business will be helping not just one charity, but hundreds of charities selected through extensive veteran knowledge, expertise, and due diligence to deliver impactful, and innovative services across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  7. The Veterans’ Foundation works with projects across the military community typically funding projects that support those battling mental health, physical injury, homelessness, social isolation, poverty, family welfare, education, and unemployment.  It also funds remembrance and helps the bereaved children of servicemen and women.
  8. The Veterans’ Foundation is a charity built by the public – it is a trusted, relevant brand. We have also signed the Armed Forces Covenant to ensure that those serving or who have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly. 
  9. Our approach to corporate partnerships is modern and open-minded (but mindful of good practice and regulations) – we realise that unnecessary red tape can have a negative impact on creative thinking and that every penny matters.
  10. The Veterans’ Foundation works with the hundreds of smaller charities and organisations that do incredible work, but often struggle to have their voices heard.  Together we can amplify their amazing service to those in need.