British Army officer Jen Price is on a mission to support veterans by tackling 12 incredible challenges in 12 months.

We’ll be following Jen in every leg of her amazing adventure, as she takes on more than 1,600 miles in everything the elements can throw at her during the 'Jennevolve 12/12' trials.

The 31-year-old from Hampshire has pledged every penny raised to the Veterans' Foundation, to be distributed to front line projects that support those battling the mental scars of service.

“I’m terrified and excited about taking on this challenge but I’m determined to see it through in order to support the Veterans’ Foundation and fund projects for veterans facing mental health challenges," said Jen.

“I’ll be writing blogs and making short films throughout all of the adventures and sharing them on my own website, here on the Veterans’ Foundation's site, and through both of our social media channels."

"If you would like to support me in helping veterans in need through donating, it would be hugely appreciated."

Why Mental Health?

The 'Jennevolve 12/12' Challenge has been dedicated to raising funds for the thousands of British veterans battling mental struggles such as PTSD, depression and anxiety.

According to figures, almost 20% of servicemen and women have reported mental health problems and those with complex mental health needs require specialist support. Jen is committed to playing her part - all the funds raised will help those who have served, to tackle their past and future so they may live a better life.

“I am a huge advocate of supporting veterans and mental health awareness," said Jen.

"It is rare to go through life without experiencing personal trauma of some sort, whether that has been on the battlefield or in your personal life."

"I am a firm believer that trauma should not define you but can be harnessed to motivate you in endlessly positive ways, and it is never too late to get back on track."

Major General David Shaw, CEO and founder of the Veterans’ Foundation, added: “We wish Jen the best of luck in her 12 challenges - it won’t be easy but she has great determination to succeed. We’ll be following her journey and we hope you’ll join us, and consider supporting her mission of raising funds for veterans in need."