Veterans' Foundation projects

Help For Homeless Veterans - Grant award July 2017
Since this charity was created it has helped around 400 veterans with their housing problems and can only continue this essential work because of grants from supporters and donations from the general public.
The Not Forgotten Association - grant award October 2018
This charity has enriched the lives of injured service personnel since 1920.
Deptherapy - grant award April 2018
Deptheraphy run a developmental process of specially adapted scuba diving programmes.
Launchpad - grant award April 2017
Launchpad has centres is Newcastle and Liverpool and the charity’s aim is to offer affordable rental accommodation for veterans of all ages, and their...
Scotty’s Little Soldiers - grant award October 2018
Scotty’s Little Soldiers is a charity for bereaved British Forces children.
Give Us Time - grant award April 2018
Making the transition to a civilian life can be a challenge for British service personnel and their families.
Supporting Wounded Veterans - grant award June 2018
This UK-based charity supports wounded campaign soldiers, including those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Little Troopers - grant award October 2017
Little Troopers supports children with parent(s) in our British Armed Forces.
Combat Stress - grant award April 2017
Combat Stress is the UK’s leading charity for veterans’ mental health.
Latest round of grants from the national Veterans’ Lottery announced
More than £300,000 has been distributed to projects which support British Armed Forces and veterans in the latest round of grants from the national Ve...
Supporting the homeless
Combating homelessness is a key role of the Veterans’ Foundation. Providing a safe, secure place to call home is the springboard for change. Whether...