Adrian (Jan) Lomas
DOB: 01/12/1954
Died: 11/04/2021
Age: 66

Served 23yrs FAA RN Aircrewman/Observer
Squadrons 772,829,771,845,750,826
3 Medals - Long service, Gulf war, Falklands War (crashed in South Georgia)
Search & Rescue 771sqn Cornwall.
Worked for 6yrs with Irish Coast Guard, Search & Rescue Helicopters.
Passed away after 15 years of living with Huntington’s Disease.
Leaving behind his wife of 44 years, 3 children and 7 Grandchildren.
We are so proud of him, our Hero to the end. GBNF


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Rob Danson
A hero to a family, a hero to a nation. RIP
Lynne Cann
We will remember them all