The Veterans' Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales (No. 1166953) and Scotland (SC046571) and registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales (No. 10099309). Its registered office is at: 50 Raby Way, Byker Estate, Newcastle, NE6 2FQ. This form is to be filled in by applicants for a grant from the Veterans' Foundation. Small Grants are up to £20K, large grants are between £20K and £100K. Please be aware we are currently only accepting bids for Small Grants of up to £5K.


If you prefer to print and mail your application to us, please use our printable Grant Application form.

Please also see our Applying for Grants Guidance for eligibility and guidance on the Grant Application Process.

Application for a Grant


Applicant's name, address and registered number


Name of CEO or appropriate point of contact

(please include contact telephone number and email address)


Charitable Objects. Please describe your charitable objects or purposes, whom they benefit, where and how (up to 200 words)


Describe how your organisation is governed and managed, whether it is a member of Cobseo and its main sources of funding (up to 400 words but conciseness is appreciated)


Financial Summary extracted from most recent annual accounts: (Most up to date Financial Situation)


Summary of your Reserve Policy and Quantity of Reserve (up to 100 words)


Description (what?) and justification (why?) of your project or initiative, which can be part of an on-going project (up to 400 words)


Details of grant requested, including amount, project stages and sums required (up to 400 words)


What other funding has been sought/received in respect of this request, if any


How will this activity be funded in future years, beyond the period of the grant? Project stages, sums needed for each stage and rough timescale by months from start of project!

Evaluation and Monitoring


Please describe the difference the grant will make to the lives of the beneficiaries by listing up to 3 outcomes. Identify how you will measure that difference. The difference will be the changes, benefits, learning or other effects that happen as a result of what is delivered.


The key to understanding outcomes is to focus not on what has been purchased with the grant but rather to focus upon the benefits to your beneficiaries that flow from the service or activity


In due course you will be asked to provide evidence of how your organisation has achieved these outcomes as part of our monitoring and evaluation of the grant. An analysis of outcomes will inevitably impact upon our future grant giving commitments


What is your management structure (trustees and executive) and what is the experience of key people involved in the project (up to 200 words).


Any other additional information that might assist the trustees of the Veterans’ Foundation in evaluating this application


Numbers assisted (estimated if not known)


Please indicate how the support of the Veterans’ Foundation will be acknowledged should a grant be made (as a minimum this must be a statement in the charity/organisation’s annual report and accounts)


Please ensure that you send copies of the following documents to stating your charity name in the email subject line:


  • Latest published trustees’ annual report and accounts
  • Latest annual report (If separate)
  • Detailed analysis of costs where appropriate
  • If a previous grant has been provided evidence of how this was acknowledged, impact reports, newspaper articles etc in addition to a statement in your charities/organisations accounts.

Grants will be made by BACS, please confirm Bank Account details: