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Fisher House

May 13 2020

What is Fisher House?

Fisher house is situated close to Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham. The house is a home from home facility for families of military personnel who are being treated at the hospital. Every year an average of 600 people from military families will stay at Fisher House while their family members get life-saving treatment at the nearby hospital.

Due to the specialist care provided by Queen Elizabeth Hospital, families may have to travel great distances to be there for their injured loved ones. Without Fisher House, these people would be forced to pay for hotels just to be there in their time of need.

How does Fisher House help veterans?

One veteran who lost a leg through an IED explained: “When something traumatic has happened, all you want to do is go home, but because something traumatic has happened (like a life-changing injury), you can't go home." 

The 18-room house has been designed to accommodate people of all abilities so anyone can feel at home in the house. The staff at Fisher House understand the value of keeping families together when times get tough. Servicemen and women, no matter the severity of their injuries are made to feel at home while they are receiving treatment at the hospital.

A family member who has stayed at Fisher House while her husband was receiving treatment: “It felt like I was put in a big bubble and just protected - we were just cushioned from the trauma of everything going on around us. The hospital is the upsetting place for me -  I only have good memories of Fisher House.”

Veterans’ Foundation has supported over 140 military charities who are doing amazing for our veterans. To continue helping our veterans in their times of need, we rely on our supporters. Will you join their ranks and help us support our heroes?

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