Little Troopers

Little Troopers in class

Veterans Foundation is proud to support Little Troopers with a grant.

Who are Little Troopers?

Little Troopers recognises that children of forces personnel face unique challenges that many of their peers and other families would not fully understand or ever face. Serving parents can often be away on training exercises, operational tours and other duties. 

Separation from parents can be tough on every child, Little Troopers exists to provide support to forces families during times of separation. 

The charity was set up by British Army veteran Louise Fetigan. Her husband has been on 6 operational tours since their daughter was born in 2003. 

Louise knows full well that not only is the separation itself tough on families, but the stress and anxiety of worrying about a partner’s safety whilst on tour can have a negative impact on the lives of children and the family who stay at home. 

Any child of a serving parent in the British Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Navy is eligible for support from Little Troopers. Formed in 2011, Little Troopers has supported many children through tough times when a parent is away on tour. 

Their work in RAF Brize Norton is especially notable, they supported many children whose parents were on tour. They arranged for Chelsea FC football coaches to come to RAF Brize Norton and run football training camps. This proved very popular with the children and helped them cope with parents being away.

Little Troopers prides itself on being dynamic and flexible when it comes to offering support to children and their families. They have built a warm and caring community that is ready to help.

The Veterans Foundation believes that the work done by Little Troopers is incredibly valuable. We are proud to support them and hope they continue to grow and are able to help more and more children as they grow.

How has The Veterans’ Foundation supported Little Troopers?

“The grant has allowed us to create material which will provide support, education and learning for both students and teachers - it will make a huge difference to our children who can have very specific needs. It will help thousands of children in education to get consistent support," explained Louise Fetigan.

The Veterans’ Foundation has donated £2million to 140 military and veterans’ charities like Little Troopers. We are growing and giving more grants every year. We couldn’t change the lives of veterans without our amazing supporters who donate, play The National Veterans’ Lottery or leave a little something in their will for The Veterans’ Foundation. 

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