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How Age UK are helping Veterans through Covid
April 08 2021

How does Age UK Nottingham help Veterans?

Veterans’ Foundation is proud to provide funding to Age UK Nottingham’s Veteran’s support programmes. Many people in the UK suffer with loneliness, older British Armed Forces Veterans are no different. Covid-19 has wrought havoc on the routines and general stability of many people across the country, but the elderly often feel even more cut off from the rest of society than normal.

Age UK Nottingham seeks to ensure that elderly Veterans are not forgotten. One scheme that is in operation currently is called Veterans at Home. Age UK sends isolated local Veterans care packages filled with items to entertain them. They find out what each Veteran is passionate about and make sure that the care packages are filled to match these interests. 

Colin, who served in the Merchant Navy and the Royal Navy for over 22 years, has been a recipient of these activity packs. He has a passion for horses, especially racehorses. Age UK Nottingham put together a parcel which included books and magazines about racehorses and the Sea Biscuit DVD.

Colin explained: "I love getting the telephone calls followed by a lovely parcel it makes me feel really cared for. The books and magazines have been fantastic, and I am thrilled with the DVD".

Another way that Age UK help Veterans is by providing friendship. Generally, younger Veterans volunteer with the charity and are sent out to meet and forge friendships with older, lonely Veterans. Due to a shared background in the Armed Forces, the older Veterans generally find socialising with other Veterans easier than with the general public. The main focus of these friendships is to urge the older Veterans to reintegrate with wider society and feel more connected to their local communities.

Due to Covid-19 these friendships have become vitally important and largely continue via phone calls. This work is vital to keep the morale of vulnerable Veterans as high as possible during these challenging times.

To date, Veterans’ Foundation has given over £6.5 million to over 250 UK military charities across the country. To help us continue supporting British Armed Forces charities please consider donating or sign up to play the Veterans Lottery today.

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