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How VF helps a National Veterans Homeless Charity
December 22 2020

How does Alabaré help UK Veterans?

Veterans' Foundation proudly provides financial support to Alabaré. Alabaré keeps over 100 UK Veterans off the street every single night. Alabaré’s Homes for Veterans provide supported accommodation to British Armed Forces Veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Anyone who has served in the British Armed Forces and faces homelessness or is already homeless can claim real support from the charity.

Currently, the charity runs 8 accommodation centres across the UK. Not only do they provide accommodation for Veterans in need, but Alabaré also offers mental health and wellbeing support both remotely (by telephone and email) and in their accommodation centres. Veterans who are given somewhere to live can also access training and skills workshops in order to continue to progress and make the most out of their lives.

Alabaré have found unique ways of supporting Veterans in need. One such approach is their Mentors & Befrienders groups. In some of the local communities around the Alabaré accommodations, these groups made up of local volunteers who live in the area link up with the Veterans. This link up with a local community provides Veterans with a tangible connection to the area where they are living as well as providing them with friendship and someone who can provide practical support in making further positive steps in their lives. 

Alabaré functions by providing free accommodation and useful support for Veterans for one year, they are then supported to find their own accommodation. This enables the charity to continue to offer its services to other Veterans in need and encourages Veterans to push forwards and make more positive changes in their lives. The services Veterans take part in while they are supported by Alabaré include learning how to budget, eath healthily, wise shopping and general life skills. They also work in conjunction with other military charities to ensure that Veterans get all the help they need.

How can I help?

To date, Veterans’ Foundation has supported over 270 British Veterans’ charities with grants totalling over £4 million. Help us continue supporting military charities today by Donating or playing the Veterans’ Lottery

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