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Veterans’ Foundation grant helps veteran drop-in centres across the UK

June 18 2021

The Veterans’ Foundation is delighted to have provided crucial funding to The Association of ex-Service Drop-In Centres (ASDIC) – an organisation that represents and links veterans’ drop-in centres across the UK.


The VF grant will be used to fund a six-month Development Project to consolidate and build on the huge progress that ASDIC has made since becoming an independent charity in 2020. 


The project covers the employment, expenses and procurement costs for an experienced consultant to:

  • identify, acquire and establish an optimum relational database
  • develop an integrated membership package alongside further ASDIC marketing and branding to spread the Drop-In message
  • design a basic training matrix for all leaders and coordinators.


A spokesperson from ASDIC went on to explain how much the Veterans’ Foundation grant matters to the charity:


“This Grant will further develop and strengthen its management, governance and support abilities.”


“This very generous Veterans’ Foundation grant comes at a crucial time and will really boost our consolidation and development efforts, ensuring that structure and support keep pace with exponential growth. 


“As a young organisation, it is incredibly important for us to receive the understanding and confidence of the Veterans’ Foundation, knowing that they appreciate our unique ability to take the most vulnerable veterans off the streets and guide them through a holistic and safe passage back into the community. 


“We believe that this is exactly why we and an increasing number of our colleagues support the Veterans’ Lottery.”


The Association of ex-Service Drop-In Centres exists to ensure that veterans’ drop-in centres, and the support that they offer, are available to as many veterans as possible. 


Around the UK, there are many veterans’ drop-in centres in action, often run by small local charities or communities who have found a need in their local area and have chosen to provide the service. ASDIC makes it their duty to support these local charities in their work and help link the drop-in centres across the country in order to ensure that a mutually beneficial relationship exists between them.


Often the support offered by these local drop-in centres includes social interaction, legal, financial, housing and employment advice along with ongoing mental health support. Often, veterans who are struggling just need to be signposted to the correct place, whether that be a local mental health charity or a veterans’ sports team and everything in between. These drop-in centres can provide a vast amount of expertise and support to those who need it most.


ASDIC does not seek to take away the independence of drop-in centres, but rather to empower them by harnessing collective knowledge and experience and broadcasting examples of best practice and initiatives.


*To do your part in supporting British veterans in need, please consider donating today or signing up to play the Veterans’ Lottery today for your chance to win up to £35,000 every month.


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