Grant Updates

Canine Companions for Veterans in Need

November 16 2021

A grant from the Veterans’ Foundation will help veterans in need to receive essential support in the form of a new four-legged friend.

BRAVEHOUND provides trained assistance dogs for veterans who live with mental health conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and anxiety.

The £30,000 award will be used to fund the staff costs of welfare support for vulnerable veterans, meaning that many more struggling ex-service personnel will find companionship, purpose and structure in a caring for a dog.

“Veterans are often too proud and too focused on being self-reliant to ask for assistance until they are at a real crisis point,” said Fiona MacDonald, Director at BRAVEHOUND.

“This grant will enable BRAVEHOUND to provide the extra help they need.”

Support from the dogs trained by the charity help to facilitate and maintain a successful transition into civilian life for many veterans, helping to rebuild broken relationships as well as establishing new friendships.

Therefore, it’s not only the veterans themselves who benefit from the organisation’s great work, it’s their families and friends too, who see their loved ones live with both visible and invisible wounds of war.

“BRAVEHOUND are grateful to each and every one of those who support the Veterans’ Foundation and play the Veterans’ Lottery,” added Fiona.

“Funding from the Veterans’ Foundation is essential for us to provide assistance to the veterans and their families that we are so proud to serve.”

To find out mor about BRAVEHOUND, please visit, and to play the Veterans’ Lottery and support many more good causes like these, sign up here.

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