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Grant Updates
Support dogs given to Veterans
October 07 2020

How does Bravehound help UK Veterans?

Bravehound changes the lives of veterans in need by providing trained dogs to ex-servicemen and women and then delivering support for both the dog and veteran. 

Dogs can play such an important role in providing companionship as well as promoting exercise and a good routine that can assist in the successful transition into civilian life.

Bravehound director Fiona MacDonald said: “Most veterans adapt well to civilian life but many face real difficulties, in particular those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. That’s where the charity comes in by offering much-needed support and companionship.

“Bravehound brings communities together and helps ex-service personnel and their families adjust to living with the visible and invisible wounds of war.”

How has Veterans’ Foundation supported Bravehound?

The Veterans’ Foundation grant awarded to the charity has been used to provide valuable transport for veterans and dogs as those with PTSD can suffer extreme anxiety when relying on public transport. The specially adapted van provides freedom and greater opportunity.

An internal perspex screen ensures veterans and dogs travel safely and reliably in a socially distanced way to training, veterinary appointments, outside and social activities meaning no veteran is ever left behind.

Since the van has arrived, the Bravehound Go Outside project has been launched allowing all veterans and their dogs to be included.

"The Veterans’ Foundation grant has enabled Bravehound to provide transport to all of the veterans we are proud to serve, along with their Bravehound dogs, and we could not be more grateful,” added Fiona.



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