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Veterans' Foundation sponsor Veteran's support dog
September 01 2020

How Do Canine Partners help Veterans?

Canine Partners provide people with support dogs who are trained to a very high standard. 

Canine Partners explain how their dogs help: “Our dogs are trained to help with everyday tasks such as opening and closing doors, unloading the washing machine, picking up dropped items, pressing buttons and switches and fetching help in an emergency. They can even help people to get undressed and remove a card from an ATM.”

For Veterans’ who have been physically injured during their service, support dogs quickly become an essential part of their everyday lives. Often physical disabilities hamper even the most basic of tasks. Having a dog help with day-to-day tasks can help preserve the pride and dignity for Veterans who are injured in service.

As man’s best friend, these support dogs often become the best friends of ex-servicemen and women who struggle with traumas that most people could never comprehend. Having a loyal companion achieve wonders for Veterans who are suffering with mental health problems and social anxiety. 

How does Veterans’ Foundation support Canine Partners?

Each support dog Canine Partners trains costs at least £20,000 to train. This is because the dogs are trained to such a high standard that they can be relied upon to perform in even the most distressing and dangerous situations. 

Veterans’ Foundation grants provide for the training of these dogs to ensure that British Veteran’s who are in desperate need of the support are not left lacking. 

Dale Gormley, Canine Partners’ Scotland Community Manager thanked the Veterans’ Foundation: “We are delighted to have received a generous grant from the Veterans’ Foundation to help us train more assistance dogs for former service personnel,” says“Grants are vital to us as a charity as they allow us to train more amazing assistance dogs, which in this case will transform the lives of former members of the armed services across the UK.”

Major General David Shaw CBE, Veterans’ Foundation CEO explained: “We are delighted to support the excellent work of Canine Partners by awarding the Veterans’ Lottery grant. Highly trained assistance dogs can be life-changing for veterans with physical disabilities in that they provide independence and confidence to make the successful transition to civilian life.”

You can support the work done by the Veterans’ Foundation and help us give more life-changing grants to Veterans who need support by donating today or by playing the Veterans’ Lottery.


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