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‘Life-Saving’ Funding for Veterans’ Mental Health Services

July 25 2022

A Veterans’ Foundation grant will provide life-changing treatment to British Armed Forces veterans struggling with mental health issues.

Combat Stress have been awarded a £30,000 grant to help the organisation deliver their services at their treatment centre in Surrey, addressing the growing demand for help.

Based in Tyrwhitt House, Combat Stress provides a range of services for veterans including clinical treatment, peer support and occupational therapy.

“We are extremely grateful to the Veterans’ Foundation for their very generous support and, of course, to everyone who plays the Veterans’ Lottery which enables the Foundation to support the veteran community,” said Combat Stress’ Director of Fundraising, Robert Marsh.

“This funding, especially after the last 18 months of the pandemic, as well as the recent events in Afghanistan, will certainly be an incredible support to veterans living in the south of England who are in desperate need of our services.”

Combat Stress is one of the UK’s leading charities for veterans’ mental health and for over a century, they have helped former servicemen and women with conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression.

Today, Combat Stress provides specialist treatment and support for veterans from every service and conflict, focusing on those with complex mental health issues - the work they do is life-changing and often life-saving.

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The Veterans’ Foundation raises its money through the Veterans’ Lottery and donations. It awards grants to fund charities that help serving and former members of the Armed Forces, their dependents and operationally qualified seafarers who are in need.

Since its inception in July 2016, the Veterans’ Foundation has awarded £11.5 million through grants supporting over 350 unique organisations.

The hundreds of charities and other organisations helped by the supporters of the VF include those tackling the challenges of mental and physical injuries, homelessness, unemployment, children’s loss of serving parents and remembrance.

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